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If you require more instruction (with screenshots) than is provided in the FAQ, please check the appropriate chapter in the User Guides section of the Help.

For current residents:

  1. go to the Home Page “” in a browser window. Click on the Register link in the Toolbar, located in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Fill out all of the fields in the Create an Account Form. Ensure that your email address is one that you check regularly, as all notifications from the Community Management and the website will be sent to this email address.  Ensure it is typed accurately!
  3. Click on the Complete Sign Up button at the bottom of the form.
  4. An activation email with a link will be sent to your email address. Make sure to check your junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.
  5. Click on the activation link in the email, which will open a new tab or window in your browser. You should see a confirmation message that your account is now active.
  6. You should now login with the username and password that you selected in the Create an Account Form.

For new residents:

  1. The Community Management will create an account for you and send your username and password to your email address.

Yes.  We are very sorry, but in order to register two separate people for the website, you must use two separate email addresses. We do realize that some households use just one email address and that it presents a small inconvenience. There are two, very easy fixes to this dilemma:

  1. You may create a new email address that would allow the second member of your household to create a separate account. Almost all online email services are free and have an easy registration process. Or you may…
  2. Maintain one Sierra Canyon account for your household and share the login information.

Please know that almost all websites that require registration do not allow the use of the same email address for separate accounts. Some examples of these kinds of sites are banks, online stores, online periodicals and other “members only type” sites. Sierra Canyon websites would qualify as a member only site. The reason that two people could share an email address on the old site is because it was directly connected to FirstService Residential’s “Connect” website which houses all of your personal HOA information. But as was mentioned a few times over the past year, the link between the FirstService Connect and the Sierra Canyon website will no longer exist.

You must have registered for the website and have created an account in order to Log in.  You may Log in from any page on the website.  Access the Login link in the Toolbar, located in the top right corner of the screen.  Type in your Username and Password  and click the Sign in button.  If you check the Remember me checkbox in the lower left hand corner, your browser will remember your Username and Password and auto-fill those fields the next time you go to Log in.

If you type either an invalid Username or Password, you will get an ERROR message.  In the ERROR message, you will see a Lost your password? link.  You may either try again with your Password, or you may click the Lost your password link in order to reset your password.

After clicking the Lost your password link, a box will open asking you to fill in either your Username OR your Email Address that you used when signing up for your account.  Type in either one, and click the Get New Password button.  You should now go check your email for a confirmation link email.  The subject of the email will be [Sierra Canyon Community] Password Reset. The email will contain a reset password link.  You can just click on the link, which will automatically open up a new browser window or tab.  A New password box will be shown, with a very cryptic password already typed in.  You may CHANGE that default password by deleting the characters that are already in the box, and entering your own chosen password.  When you have finished typing in the characters that you want to be your new password, click the Reset Password button.

You will get a message that your password has been reset, with a Log in link. You may now Log in with your new password.

Note* The reset password link that is contained in the email is only good for one time.  If you try to use it again, it will not work.  If you forget your password a second time, you must go repeat the entire process.  Many people get impatient waiting for the email to be sent, and click the Lost your password link AGAIN.  This results in the website sending out ANOTHER email.  The second email invalidates the link in the first email.  Every time you click the Lost your password link, the website generates a new email with a new link, invalidating any previous emails and links. Be patient.

You can search the resident directory from the Directory > Directory Search Page.  You can search by name, address, email address, or any of the other fields that were included on the registration/profile form.  For example, if I want to find Shirley Johnson’s profile, I can just type “Shirley Johnson” into the Search bar and hit return.  If I just type “Shirley” into the search bar, then all residents who have shirley in their name or their emergency contact’s name will be returned.  If I type in Village 10, then all profiles of residents who have set their village number as Village 10 will be returned.  Once you see the profile that you are interested in, you may click on that profile and see the information which that particular resident has made visible.  If a resident has made some information not visible (for example a phone number), the search function will still find that person’s profile, but will will not allow you to see the field when you click on the profile.

No.  This functionality is not available because we wish to protect the privacy of the residents, and don’t want to make downloadable lists of residents which may potentially be misused.  If you are a group administrator, you may email all of the members of your group from the group administration page.  The office will be able to generate lists of residents for their administrative purposes.

You can join a group from each Group Home Page.  To get to a Group Home Page, you can use the Activities -> SC Group Listings, or the Activities -> Group Search.

  • From the SC Group Listings: Click on the various Group Categories to view the list of Groups in each category.  When you find the group you wish to join, click on the <Group Name> Home blue button (e.g. Billiards Home).  This will take you to the Group Home Page.  Click on the JOIN GROUP blue button.  You can leave the group by clicking on the same button, which will now be white, and shown as LEAVE GROUP.
  • From the Group Search page: Type the name of the Group in the Search Box (e.g Billiards), and click the Search Icon (or press Return on your keyboard).  The Group Page Icon that matches the name you typed into the Search box will be shown.  You can click on the icon box to access the Group Home Page.  Then follow the instructions as listed above to join the group.  If no Group Icons are returned after your search, try typing the name differently and check to make sure you have not misspelled the name.

Select Activities > Group Search from the menu bar. In the Search bar, type the name of the group, such as “Bingo,” “Quilt and Sewing,” or “Village 7.” Click on the village name or icon to go to the group home page. Then scroll down to and click the Members icon. You’ll see the profiles of all residents who joined this group. You can review any profile to see information the resident has made visible.

Click Directory on the menu bar. On the Resident Directory page in the Search bar, type “Village” and the village number. Examples: “village 5” or “Village 12” (the search feature is not case sensitive).

Press Enter to see the profiles of all registered residents who have set their village to that number. You can then review any profile to see information the resident has made visible. This might include his or her (or their) street address.

Notification emails get triggered differently from the website depending on in which section the original post was entered. If you “reply” from your email to the various notifications, following is how and where the “reply” gets posted.  It does not work the same way as the old website!

  1. If the Office sends out an email blast, you will receive an email notification from OfficeMgr2 or OfficeMgr1.  If you “reply” to this email, the email goes to the OfficeMgr2 or OfficeMgr1 email box.
  2. If a Group Admin sends out a group email from the EMAIL Options tab, there is NO REPLY BY EMAIL capability at this time.  This has been added as an enhancement request, and hopefully we will be offering this as an option in the future (reply to the Group Admin).
  3. If somebody posts a “topic” in the “forum”, then whomever is getting email notifications for this forum will receive an email with the topic excerpt in it.  They can REPLY to this email.  What happens to their reply?  The reply gets posted to the forum as a reply to that topic. This just saves you a step of having to login to the website to reply to a forum post, you can post a reply from your email box.
  4. If somebody writes a “message” on the Group Home Page, whomever gets email notifications from this group (they have “all Email” in their group settings) can REPLY to this email.  The reply gets posted on the pages as a “COMMENT” under the original post.

See the User Guide for additional information and screenshots.

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