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     Nancy Chontos 

    I presume that the rest of you have also been receiving post after post on the Sierra Canyon General Forum.  So, it appears that our website has been hacked and/or someone is playing a bad joke on us all.

    I hope that GrandManors can work on this first thing in the morning.

     Linda West 

    I sent an email to the office and to the webmaster but who knows if/or when they will read them.

    Hopefully they can get it fixed soon.

     Joe Bower 

    Ask the pros, Alice and Dale.

     Marcia Kakiuchi 

    I was thinking this happened some months ago as well ( that we were hacked).

     Joe Bower 

    First time ever for me. I got eleven. Susan got none.

     Alice Yucht 

    1. This has happened before. I’ve notified Jim Young, who will have D4 (the website support company) deal with it.

    2. Grand Manors has nothing to do with the Sierra Canyon website.

    3. The current website committee has chosen to retire.  Dave DeLucia (new Board member) will be convening a new committee some time in the future.

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