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    I would like to thank Donald Moore for informing the community (or at least the seven or eight of us  that read this “new.improved” website) of the major glitch in the E-blast system. It would have been helpful if the individual or management had used the same vehicle to inform when the glitch was first discovered rather than hold the information to be addressed at the Board meeting on Wednesday.

    For anyone that is reading this that is in the wine group and are planning to attend Saturday’s great tasting (Margaret and I are presenting),I would appreciate it if you could make sure your friends that are wine drinkers know that sign ups are due by Tuesday by- contacting Lorraine Barrett at or by calling her at 775 787  9751. We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you on Saturday night at the lodge.


     Joe Bower 

    I wasn’t informed. Why is that?

    We had the Old Website (AssociationVoice); then the failed New Website build on the WordPress platform; then the current one which is the New New Website. That is unless the New Website is simply being worked on until the New New Website is developed from scratch.

    Confusing? You bet. This whole website activity has been and still is a disaster! I think we should have hired a couple of high school students to set it up and then come in once a week for maintenance while being on-call for emergencies.

    As many of you know the Del Webb in Lincoln, California is a very well run place. Has to be with almost 7,000 homes.

    They currently have four websites using the Joomla platform and one using the WordPress platform (the one our  failed New Website was build on).  They are moving all five to Northstar. Maybe Northstar is too “rich” for us.

    Northstar has long been a software platform for top marinas and golf clubs and now HOA’s/POA’s. Check it out at

    “Northstar’s Community Association Management (CAM) Solution is a powerful suite of modules that cover all aspects of Property Owners Association (POA) & Community Management – tailored to operations of all sizes.”

    Northstar has 140 engineers working on their platform. We had one resident volunteer with a little help from Website Committee members, maybe telling the one what to do and not manning any keyboards themselves???

    I would like to see our New New Website Team look into what’s out there before building our own. Maybe even go back to AssociationVoice if they will meet any customization demands we might have.

    In my opinion, our data should not be shared with our management company as they might not always be our management company.  I think that was the beginning of our website troubles. All they need is basic information in order to send out legally required information and to keep track of owner assessments (due, paid, late, fees, and on to collection).

    In any case, let’s not reinvent the wheel. JGB

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