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     Janet Schaper 


    I posted a comment on the “October Board Meeting Agenda” in the “Community News & Alerts” section of the website.  These posts are made by the office.  My comment was in regard to NOT attaching documents in Microsoft Word format, because not everybody has that software.  If you don’t have the software, you can’t read the document!  If you post in PDF format, then everyone can read the document in their browser.

    After posting my “comment”, I received a message that “Your comment is awaiting Moderation”.  It has not been either approved or denied as far as I know.  If the Office is going to post in this news box and allow comments, and furthermore “moderate” comments, then they should make sure to indeed moderate them.

    I suppose I can send a message to Jim Y. directly through email, but I wanted to test if anybody was paying attention to what gets posted to the website.  By the way, the Board Packet sent directly from the office was also in Word format. PDF is always a better choice.



     Mike Lehr 

    You are correct, Janet. Maybe Jim or the website committee can lend a hand.

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