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     Alan V Pearson 

    If you are a California expat who has moved to SC, we would love to know your Farewell Story. See the others we have now here: and let us know if you would like us to add your “Farewell Story” to






     Don Helmstetter 

    If you leave California for a better life in Reno, please leave all your bad habits and the attitude that “The rules don’t apply to me” back there. I came from Minnesota to Reno 15 years ago and I mostly see people trying to change Reno to be more like what they left behind! This State is an accepting place that wants us all to follow the rules and get along   With each other in harmony. Read the rules that go with life here and give up the idea that ignorance of the law is OK. An example: “Dark Sky” means exterior lights off for all, and not everyone but you! We welcome everyone that comes here as long as you come with an open mind and a willingness to fit in.

     Michael Dolci 

    I agree with Don.  Traffic has gotten much worse in just the last five years.  Unfortunately, what passes for slower pace for many of California transplants means more folks speeding, following too close and trying to beat the yellow light for us.

    Nevada has become “East California” and will certainly follow in California’s path.

     Jack Lehner 

    I am going to take issue with Californians being label as having “bad habits”, understanding the CC&R’s and choosing not to follow them has nothing to do with the state lived in prior to Nevada.  I was not born in California, but lived there the last 50 years, except for 2 years in the military.  To prejudge someone because of the state you come from is short sighted.  I agree there should more enforcement of our rules, but it must be uniform.

    Alan, to answer your question, why we moved to Nevada from California, my wife and I made a project of where to retire.  First the climate meets our needs.  We are familiar with the area, as we traveled to participate in sporting events for many years.  We are close enough to family that we can visit with a short drive.  We decided on a retirement community because of the activities offered.  Finally, affordability, the cost of living.

     Michael Dolci 

    If it were only about CCR violations.

     Catherine Allin Tollstrup 

    Hi Jack,

    Don stated bad habits and attitude.  An example of a bad habit is politically based.  Like why on earth move to get away from taxes only to vote in folks that want to tax you.

     Michael Dolci 

    Catherine.  That and their driving habits.  There was a time when I had to drive into California to have folks drive by me at high rates of speed and followng me too close.  Now I get that driving into town.  Not to mention being followed too close driving Somersett Ridge Pkwy.

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