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     Alice Yucht 

    Due to problems caused by an outside entity, Sierra Canyon’s e-blasts are not currently reaching all residents – especially those with,, addresses, as well as some accounts.

    Group Admins were notified of this problem last week, since they are the volunteers who most use the website’s communication strategies.  Many of the Group Admins came to a meeting on Friday to discuss possible workarounds until the problem can be fixed.

    The general community was not informed, because we (the Website Committee and the Office) :

    • hoped that an IT specialist would be able to get it fixed ASAP, and
    • realized that if residents depend solely on email for notification, many of them would not get the notice anyway.

    Carping about the new vs old website accomplishes nothing at this point.  If you actually want to help, please join the Website Committee and work with us.

    Alice Yucht, Website Committee Chair


     Joe Bower 

    Creating one’s own list of email addresses is a great way to go.

    As I remember in pre-email days we were doing similar back in the fourth grade so we could send classmates Valentine’s Day cards and our parents could send out birthday party invitations.

    Email blasts from the website are most helpful. However, just whispering something at the Lodge will be all around the community before the whisperer gets home.

    PS Having residents and group administrators create their own email address lists could eliminate the Resident Directory which: (1) requires a lot of attention to keep current; and (2) is hackable enabling private information to be spread here and there and even deep into the Dark Internet.  Yes, there is such a level on the Internet aka the Dark Web.

     Alice Yucht 

    Clarifications to my original post:

    1. “Outside entity” –  Short version: in July FSR intervened where they should not have, and separated the “” email server from the website server, causing ripple-effect problems.  Those issues are currently being worked on, and we hope to have a resolution ASAP.

    2. NO, we cannot go back to the “old” website.  The contract with that company ended in June, and the old website no longer exists.

    Alice Yucht, Website Committee Chair

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