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    I got an email yesterday on reporting the dump trucks coming through our neighborhood but there was no link to who to report to.  I’m on Cliff Park Way and they have been going up and down our street for 2 days now.  It’s 8:40 am and two have already gone by.  It was continual all day yesterday.

     Alice Yucht 

    Notify Reno Direct:  775-334-4636   or

    and/or pinpoint the location at the map on this page:


    Sent.  Thanks for the info.

     Joe Bower 


    Saw your post earlier and Alice beat me with her response as I was out most of the day.

    I was going to tell you to contact Reno Direct. Best to send emails with photos.

    However, I think the trucks may be those of a contractor(s) hired by the City to repair/slurry the parkways which are maintained by the City.  Therefore the City won’t be doing much, if anything, to have them removed or volume lessened.

    If not such a project, they are probably  going back and forth to a developer/builder project.  Trucks large and small are coming and going on Somersett Ridge and DWPEast and then using Back Nine Trail to access the Ryder Homes project that looks down, literally, of Del Webb.

    After Toll finishes grading up and behind Fire Station #19 on Hawk Meadow, truck traffic will dramatically increase as dirt roads are paved and houses built. There will be steady stream of trucks for months.

    Please let us know what Reno Direct says.

    Thank you. JGB

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