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     Leslie Free 

    I was unable to attend the January 23 Somersett Meeting that President Loren Farrell encouraged Sierra Canyon Residents attend.  Is there anyone who attended willing to provide a synopsis?

     Alice Yucht 

    Short version: An overwhelming majority of the attendees were Sierra Canyon residents, who made it very clear that they dislike the way SOA treats us.
    Interesting political theater: although SOA surely knew that there would be a big turnout, they set up the meeting in the small room (duh).  Under duress, the meeting was then relocated to the gym downstairs in order to accommodate everyone who showed up.

    Learned at the meeting:

    1. SOA has not had a Long-Range Plan, which is why they don’t have adequate reserves to cover “emergencies” like rock-wall failures.  They now think that they should probably develop such a plan (second duh).

    2. The SOA president said that there are procedures for seceding in the (SOA?) CC&Rs.

    3. Both the SC and SOA presidents urged our residents to get more involved in the governing process.

     Alice Yucht 

    Check your email for the President’s Message about the SOA meeting. He goes into more detail.

     Leslie Free 

    Alice Yucht, thank you for your prompt responses.

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