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Get going, get moving, get involved!  Explore ways to engage with your Sierra Canyon community


 Sierra Canyon Groups

Sierra Canyon has a wide variety of groups that you may join to connect with other residents who enjoy the same activities, hobbies and games.  Groups are organized into categories of

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Games
  • Informational
  • Social/Special Interest
  • Sports/Exercise
  • Villages (each village has its own group)

Click the button for a list and brief description of individual Sierra Canyon groups.

To join or resign from a group, go to the individual group home page which may be accessed from the listings. You may also go to the All Groups page and use the search feature to find a group by name.

You may also resign from a group from your profile>groups

To form a new group or learn more about how groups operate, click the following link:

Group Guidelines


Fitness Classes

Sierra Canyon offers a wide range of classes for different fitness and experience levels. Click the button for details.  Fitness classes require a fee. Use the punch card available at the Aspen Lodge front desk.


Sierra Canyon Events

Find out about upcoming Sierra Canyon events here. Events usually entail a fee and fall into two basic categories: Aspen Lodge-hosted and outside Sierra Canyon. Aspen Lodge hosts such happenings such as lectures, presentations, luncheons, and parties. External events include opportunities for local and regional tours. Click the button and find the activities that most interest you.

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